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Fire UAV

  • MM-01 Fire UAV
  • MM-01 Fire UAV
MM-01 Fire UAVMM-01 Fire UAV

MM-01 Fire UAV

Fire UAV are used in daily fire patrols, forest inspections, fire detection, tracking of shooting targets, and returning images and data to ground terminals to provide real-time images for firefighters and to view firefighting dynamics. At the same time, fire extinguishers can be thrown in time to eliminate small fires, so as not to delay the timing and cause the fire to burn.

When emergency fire fighting is encountered, high-altitude shouting, emergency command, and evacuation of people can also be carried out. For nights, you can use searchlights to search for rescued people such as trapped people.

二、functional module

1Scouting fire source

The drone mounts the zoom camera to detect the fire source at high altitude, and has strong emergency, and can inspect the ground smoke and the fire point in all directions. The place where the human eye can't see it, the image is taken by the drone and transmitted to the ground terminal, and the firefighters are installed with clairvoyance to observe the fire fighting dynamics in real time.

This function is applicable to fire rescue, urban traffic management, mass incident disposal, border smuggling anti-drug and anti-drug, counter-terrorism arrest and arrest operations, urban management and environmental law enforcement.

2High-altitude call

Mounting a high-altitude call module to conduct air-speaking, command, warning, and publicity in an emergency event to control developments. In an emergency, the drone arrives at the scene at the first time, using the high-altitude shouting function to evacuate the crowd and ease traffic.

3High-altitude lighting

The glare lighting module can be used to break through the space limit when performing tasks at night, providing light source to the ground staff; searching and rescue at night can effectively solve the difficulty of large-scale lighting in the field, especially suitable for large-scale forest search and rescue work.

This function is applicable to areas such as fire rescue, border smuggling, anti-drug and anti-drug, and anti-terrorism operations.

4Throwing fire extinguishing

Through the drone detection of the fire point, if the fire point is in the open environment of forest, field, oil vapor canister, etc., in the initial state of the flame or the small fire stage, the drone can be used to throw fire extinguishing bombs for direct fire extinguishing.

A fire extinguisher can extinguish a space of about 2 square meters and carry multiple fire extinguishing balls at a time.

三、Technical Parameters


机体材质Body material

碳纤维一体成型(Carbon fiber molding


deployment size



folding size








21 inch carbon paddle





Maximum load weight



landing gear


Quick release fixed


Life time

空载≥60分钟 负载≥2KG 45分钟

No load 60 min Load 2KG 45 min


Wind resistance rating


5 level


Flight altitude


500 m


Flying radius


6 km


Maximum flight speed




positioning accuracy



Flight mode



Attitude flight, GPS flight, pointing flight,

Automatic cruise

四、Product performance

This model is made of high-strength 3K carbon fiber, which is light in weight, high in rigidity, beautiful in appearance, strong in closure and rainproof. Because it is one-piece molding, light weight, so the battery life is longer than the average drone, the dead time is up to 60 minutes, and the subsequent flight time of the mounting equipment is about 45 minutes.

lLong battery life.

lMounting equipment is quick and easy to disassemble, easy to handle, and quick to respond.

lOne-piece molding mold, light weight, high strength and beautiful appearance.

lStrong sealing, waterproof and rainproof.

lSupport remote real-time image and data backhaul.

lSupport automatic area cruise, one-button autonomous take-off and landing, automatic return, loss of control protection, and security.

lBreak protection, a propeller-damaged drone can continue to fly or land safely.

lThe whole machine is quickly folded, installed and transported conveniently.

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